ирис энсата

Q&A: stubborn Japanese iris, scary looking squash
A: The flowers on Japanese iris (Iris ensata) are among the most beautiful of all irises. They feature unusual flat blossoms that can be anywhere from 4-12 inches across and come in a variety of colors, often edged in contrasting shades. Although these

Japanese iris looks stunning in a water garden
Japanese iris looks stunning in a water garden
One of my favorite water garden plants isn't a water lily or even a plant that's sold at most water gardening stores. But it thrives in the water and even survives the New England winter submerged in my pond. It's Japanese iris (Iris ensata) — a tall

Time to plant or divide iris
There is an iris for virtually every condition in the garden. The most common iris types growing in Louisiana landscapes are the bearded iris (Iris germanica), Japanese iris (Iris ensata), Siberian iris (Iris sibirica) and the Louisiana iris (Iris spp

[6월의 정원수]초여름 시작을 알리는 야생화 3종

50㎝, 폭은 2&sim. 5㎝ 정도 흙덮기를 한다. 씨앗이 마르지 않도록 짚 같은 것을 덮은 후 짚 위에 물을 흠뻑 주고 싹이 틀 때까지 마르지 않도록 해가림을 해주는 것이 좋다. 씨앗을 뿌리기 전에 물에 2&sim. 3일 담가두었다 뿌리면 발아가 더 잘 된다. 싹이 나오는데 광선은 상관없으나 암조건보다는 명조건하에서 발아가 잘되며 온도는 20&sim. 4㎝로 끝이 뾰족하고, 밑 부분을 서로 감싸고 있다. 꽃은 6&sim. 키가 50&sim. 100㎝ 정도 자란다. 뿌리줄기는 짧고 옆으로 뻗으며 잎은 서로 어긋난다. 좌우로 납작하게 두 줄로 부채살 모양으로 펴져 자라며 녹색 바탕에 약간 분백색이 돈다. 잎 길이는 30&sim.

Eye for an Iris
Eye for an Iris
I've never met an iris I didn't like. That even includes the weedy stinking iris (I. foetidissima), whose red berries hold over winter, and to my mind are a great deal more attractive than the plant's dull khaki flowers. Yellow-flowered I. pseudacorus

Irises provide color, structure
The June parade of iris has begun. Actually, dwarf bearded and rock-garden iris, such as the reticulatas, arrived in April and May, providing a welcome early shot of color. As stand-alone clumps, there are few garden plants that provide the